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12 Free Screenings; 82 Creative Talents
An Unofficial Records of History by Multiple Voices
The Only Chance to Witness Hong Kong Independent Creative Power

How much do you remember, for what happened in the past 20 years?

I remember the pre-97 migration rush. I remember my HKCEE. I remember the millennium doomsday and millennium worm. I remember the dissection of the alien, gay movement, suicide of school kids, Kowloon walled city, Nokia 8310, Stephen Chow, Bruce Lee. I remember the eviction of rooftop housing in the 90s. I remember the eviction of Tsoi Yuen Village in 2011.

A roll-call of Gold Award-winning titles in the past two decades, the retrospective series departs from the social, familial and individual perspective, battles mainstream values with humanity. With complex themes and experimental forms, these shorts not only witness the changes of the city, but also reflect the life and desire of the people. Be it loud and sound or murmurs, they are all the most unofficial historical discourse.

63 short films, documentaries and animations bring you from the Hong Kong Arts Centre to revisit the rest of the city. Open discussion session after each screening.

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